Under The Skin

This post first appeared on whitneyjohnson.com Have you ever let go of something that simultaneously protects and strangles you; something that both defines you, but also suffocates your evolution? Just ...

Human Glue

Human Glue

I am human glue. I hold things and people together. I’m neither posh nor totally common;  not totally defined by my Britishness but never to be fully American. I’m creatively ...


#SevenThingsSunday – Bumper Edition!!

Owing to traveling the last two weekends, today’s #SevenThingsSunday is actually #TwentyOneThingsSunday, ...

#SevenThingsSunday – Week Four

Much to the amazement of my husband and I, the momentum continues. ...

#SevenThingsSunday – Week Three

Mixing it up a bit this week… after two weeks of clothes, ...

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Ladies: Power Up!

A version of this post first appeared on News on Women. The word power probably makes some women cringe. Perhaps it’s that the “possession of control, authority, or influence over others” seems aggressive, even narcissistic or, just too masculine? Yet, in its simplest definition, power is the “ability to act or produce an effect.” Arguably, [...]

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#SevenThingsSunday – Swap Shop!

I am super excited to announce that #SevenThingsSunday is moving off the blog and Twitter into “real life”. I’m teaming up with the wonderful Jennifer Lee, founder of ClosetDash and ClosetDash Shop, to make #SevenThingsSunday a movement! This Sunday marks the first party where you can come and swap items, tell shopping horror stories as [...]

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#SevenThingsSunday – Week Seven

Last week I hastily said I was running out of good stuff to chuck as the haul seemed to be getting tattier by the week. Well, that was until I found a Givenchy skirt lingering in the closet…. So, here we go again. Another round of items to which I am bidding a fond (or [...]

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#SevenThingsSunday – Week Two

It’s week two already and I’m “giving the shove” to a another seven items! In fact, I was so enthusiastic this time that I even picked out next week’s items (however, you have to wait for those). The fact that this is a bit too easy can only mean one thing: I’ve been a greedy little [...]

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#SevenThingsSunday – Week One

I knew that in making this project public, I’d be opening myself up to ridicule as I own some stuff that I am actually embarrassed to take to the charity store. Case in point is this week’s session – shoes. There’s one particular pair in this post that should never have been made, let alone purchased! [...]

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